Moderating individual members

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Moderation options can be enabled for individual members. This is useful if you have a member that often adds posts that are off-topic or violate your community guidelines, and you need a moderator to review each of their posts before they are published. 

Note that if you have community-wide moderation options enabled, this specific member moderation option is additive and more restrictive for the member.

Enable moderation options for a member

Step 1

Locate the user by go to Admin > Users and searching for the user by name or email address.


Step 2

Click to expand the member's details, then click Permissions.

Check the option Require moderator review of user posts.

To review all future posts by the member, select All posts. Or to review only the next N posts, select a number from the menu.


You are all set! The next time this member adds a post, it will appear in the Queue for moderator review.

View member status

A member with moderation enabled will display a special status in Admin > Users. (Only moderators and admins can see this status.)

A moderation setting of All posts displays a status of review:


A moderation setting of Review next # posts displays a status of review with the count of posts that have been approved out of their total quota. In this example, one post has been approved by a moderator and 4 additional posts must be approved by a moderator before the member will be released from moderation.


If a moderator removes a post by the member, it will not be counted toward their quota. 


Configuring community moderation settings

Muting a member

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