New feature: Unique Usernames

Unique Usernames

We have released a feature update today that includes support for usernames, a.k.a "handles." Usernames are unique for each member in the community, and help in mentioning and messaging to ensure you are selecting the correct member.

Both the member full name and username appear on posts and profile pages. Usernames are prefixed by '@'.



Usernames on profile cards:



Usernames are shown next to full names when searching for members for @mentioning and messaging:


Once you select the user from the list to mention, their full name will appear in the post. 


How are usernames created?

When a user joins the community, their username is created automatically based on their name. If another member has the same name, it will ensure it is unique by appending a number.


How can you change your username?

Change your username in Edit Profile > Account tab.


Usernames can be between 3 and 24 characters long, and can contain letters, numbers and underscores. 

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  • Hi Forumbee , 

    In the How can you change your username? screenshot above featuring the "Account" tab, there is a possibility to change your username. In my company's version of the "Edit profile" interface, there is no such Account tab, as shown in the screenshot below:


    How can I advise one of our users on how to update his username handle? I don't seem to have the authority to do it for him as moderator.

    That said, my colleague has modified her own name successfully in the past, and I know other users have too. Perhaps this feature changed?

    Many thanks in advance,


    • Kari Derenzi Thanks for writing in! The Account tab was turned off in your community theme. I have re-enabled it for you. Thank you!

    • Forumbee Support thanks for the quick action! However, after looking at what the tab contains, I think I might have made a mistake in mentioning the entire tab.

      It seems that the reason why it was disabled is because of the option to change the password. We have single sign-on which enables the password to allow hundreds of volunteers entry to Forumbee. It would be good to turn this feature back off ASAP.

      Instead, is it possible to privately ask for a specific user's username to be updated? 

      Thank you, 


    • Kari Derenzi Hi Kari! The change password option is only provided to people who have logged in with email. It updates the password used when logging in with email only. People who log in using SSO aren't given the option to change their password, so your SSO users won't be affected. (Your community uses both email login and SSO login options.) We'll follow up directly with you as well to clarify any additional questions. 

      Thank you!

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    • Forumbee Support thanks for the additional information. 

    • Tracy Mills
    • K12 Customer Support Champion
    • Tracy_Mills
    • 1 yr ago
    • Reported - view

    Forumbee Support If "Account" setting is not turned on, who do we contact?