Version 6 Released: Security permissions, subcategories, profile cards and more

  • updated 3 yrs ago

Category Security Permissions

New category access controls on categories allow you to restrict access to specific users. For example, you can create an employee-only area or a private category for specific clients.

This option can be found under Categories > Settings.


The updated user management area includes the ability to audit and manage member category access. In Admin > Users, select Permissions from the cog menu to change settings for a user.



Category Moderators

Moderators can be assigned to specific categories. Category moderators have the ability to manage postings within the category and get notified by email of new category activity. For example, you can add product line specialists to moderate categories related to their area of expertise. This option can be found under Categories > Settings.


Category moderator access can also be assigned in the Users area. Go to Admin > Users, and select Permissions from the cog menu for the user.



Your community can be organized into categories and multiple subcategories. This provides greater flexibility for community structure.


User labels

Custom user labels can now be assigned to members as well as moderators. To edit custom user labels, go to Settings > User Labels. To apply a label to a user, go to Users and select the label from the cog menu.


Profile Cards

Get more details about a member in context of their post. Hover over an avatar to see the member profile card with activity stats and other details.



The Short bio profile field is now Tagline.  User Taglines are now displayed next to posts in conversations. You can update your Tagline in Edit Profile.


Other New Features

  • Private communities now have the option to display the logo/header on the login page. To enable this, go to Admin > Header > Settings and check the option Show header on private community login page.
  • You can now add additional email addresses to your account. We'll send notifications to the one you choose as your primary email address. You may log in with any verified email address listed on your account.
  • Topic slideshow navigation: Added left and right arrows to step through images.
  • Added zoom icon to images in postings to view original size.
  • Portrait oriented images are now added in full size.
  • Usability improvements for posting images, video, and file attachments.
  • Domain alias is now locked in your community. This ensures all users are directed to your custom domain even if they access the Forumbee URL.
  • Retina image support applied to all areas. For content editors, ability to upload 2x images for use in the community.

Single Sign-On Enhancements

  • Added new tagline parameter to set the user Tagline.
  • New URL Validator is now available in the Developer Test Tool to test the validity of your SSO URLs.
  • If a user uploads an avatar, it will not be overwritten by default when the user next logs in with SSO.
  • New overwrite parameter provides ability to force an update to the name, avatar, or tagline through SSO.


  • Proper thumbnail previews are now created when adding private Vimeo videos.
  • Fixed text-editing issues encountered on the Safari browser.


  • Increased security in the Administration area. All Admin pages now run in SSL.
  • In the Admin area, Forums are now referred to as Categories.
  • The Admin > Users area has been streamlined. Changes include:
    • The Blocked users tab has been removed and replaced with a filter on the Users tab. Filter the list by Blocked to find all blocked users.
    • The Invitees tab has been removed and replaced with a filter on the Users tab. Filter the list by Pending to find all invited users who have not yet joined and users who have signed up but not verified their email address.
  • For private communities, the ability to specify email domains with access has been moved to its new location in Settings > Email Domains.
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