Adding, deleting and customizing categories

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Your new community is preconfigured with an initial set of categories. You can modify or delete these as well as add new categories.

Add a new category

  1. Go to Admin > Categories and click Add Category.

  2. Select the category type.

  3. Enter a category name and optional category intro, then click Save

  4. Additional options can be configured in Settings.

  5. Your category has been created! Click View Category to visit the category in the community. Click the Categories tab to continue adding additional categories.


Modify existing categories

You may change settings for a category at any time.

  1. Go to Admin > Categories and select a category.


  2. Click a panel to expand it and edit the settings, then click Save

  3. You have successfully edited your category! Click View Category to go directly to the category in your community.


Delete a category

Deleting a category permanently removes the category, including all of the posts and activity in the category. 

  1. Go to Admin > Categories and click the category. 

  2. In category settings, click the Status panel to expand it.


  3. Click Delete category.

  4. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Type the word delete into the field and click Permanently Delete.

Reordering Categories

To change the order of categories, go to Admin > Categories. Click the grab handle on the left side of the category and drag and drop into its new position. 

Organizing Categories in Sections

Sections are like folders and can be used for organizing categories hierarchically. For example you can create a section called "Knowledge Base" and move your article categories into it. Sections can also contain nested sections.

  1. In Admin > Categories and click Add Section.
  2. Enter a name for the section and click Save.
  3. That's it! Your section has been created. 
  4. Add categories and sections to it by dragging and dropping: 


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